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Thursday, February 13, 2014


     Every little action, object, event or discovery consists of far more than we think.  Just by listening to your favorite song you are adapting your ears to new sounds, recognizing musical patterns, developing an understanding of lyrics and poetic writing, and learning how to memorize lines that have an effect on you.  At this point, a day doesn't go by that I don't hear a random stranger singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" or "Let it Go!"  It's crazy to think that so much more is going on than just harmless singing.

     Our senior projects have no boudaries and are meant to embody our passions.  My goal is to one way or another get my class to Yosemite National Park to teach them about the importance of protecting our environment and living a more sustainable lifestyle.  By taking them on hikes they will not only develop an emotional appreciation for the beauty surrounding them, but they will see the danger and threats that humans pose on nature and wildlife.  They will also learn about geology, botany, forestry, natural selection, and the life cycle.  We will learn about weather patterns, the history of the area, and the strength of running water.  For those who are out of shape, they will learn how the upper respiratory system responds to high elevations and the importance of eating healthy and staying hydrated.  By talking to new people on the trails we will witness how positively fresh air and beautiful surroundings affect someone's mood.  This list is endless and I'm just talking about all the possibilities that going on a hike bring forth.

If we look at every opportunity in this light, time can't be wasted because there is so much more than just the obvious.  Welcome to the interdisciplinary!

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