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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I feel that in high school, there are so many things that you have to do that there is just no time to do what you want do.  For example, for my senior project I want to take the class to Yosemite to engage in a learning program through Nature Bridge, but this will require a lot of time that I'm not sure I have to give.  I also just want to spend my time applying to scholarships, but my class work gets in the way.  To be honest, I think that the first couple of semesters of college will be somewhat similar to high school in the sense that we all HAFTA take our general eds.  Once these are out of the way, things will definitely change because we will be taking classes that we WANNA take that engage us. This is where the HAFTA changes to the WANNA.  We can study abroad, do internships, take classes that interest us, ect.  All of these things that are no longer a chore to get out the way are what should give us all a boost to keep working hard.  

The biggest difference between now, and a year from now for example is that I set my own schedule.  I will be responsible for my own success and won't have anyone pushing me.  This is usually what causes people to fall, but I feel that it will drive me more.  Whenever my parents are out of town I become more responsible in planning so that I can get work done and still cook and clean.  I feel that right now, I am so worried about others.  Will my coach be mad if  I miss practice?  Do I need to make dinner tonight?  Does my friend need a ride to her practice?  Am I volunteering enough?  Does my boss need me to work on Saturday?  Don't get me wrong, most of these questions will still apply, but they will come as a result of me wanting to ask them.  I won't have to worry about what others need, just myself.  Although, knowing me, once I get to know people I'll probably start putting their needs before mine again because I'm really bad at saying no.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'll be able to make my own decisions and base them purely on how they will impact me rather than the people around me.

I honestly don't think that people will suddenly change after high school.  Slackers will be slackers, partiers will still be partiers and busy bees will still be busy bees.  We'll just find ourselves through the work that we put out.

As I said earlier, once our general eds are out of the way, there won't be that much of a balance between have to and want to because everything you do from that point should be something that you want to do.  Outside of working because in college that is a have to, but you should be able to choose your classes, your schedule, your friends, and your living arrangements.

In high school, college is kind of a HAFTA and a WANNA.   We want to get into college so we feel that there are so many things that we have to do in order to get there.  All these things that we have to do in high school are worth it becuase we get to do what we want to do once we graduate. The options are endless.  I see myself doing well in college and taking advantage of every opportunity given to me before I graduate and start a life for myself.

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