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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Nose

1. What does Ivan Yakovlevich do for a living? 

Ivan cuts hair for a living, he is a barber.

2. What does Ivan find in a loaf of bread? 
 Ivan finds a nose, and realizes that it belongs to his customer Kovalev.  

3. How does his wife respond to Ivan's discovery?
I don't really think that she likes him very much.  She calls him a great big brute and claims she will call the police to report him.  What kind of wife does that?

4. What does Ivan set out to accomplish?
To get rid of the nose.
5. When Ivan tosses the "package" in the river, for a brief moment he is happy; then he is arrested. What does this scene suggest about the role of happiness in Ivan's life/community/society? 
It suggests that happiness is short lived and hard to come by.

6. Where does the title object belong, and how does it finally get there?
On the face of Major Kovalev, and the police return it.

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