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Monday, February 24, 2014

I, JURY...

Reading some of my classmates essays really hit home how important good introductions are.  When the first paragraph doesn't grab you, it's difficult to keep reading.  Especially when your know that you have more to read which is similar to how the AP readers will feel.  Aside from that, I thought that Daniel's essay was very strong in terms of getting a high score on the AP test; it answered the prompt clearly, flowed well in an organized fashion, and had strong evidence and examples.  I would recommend going back and reading it before the AP test because it's a good essay to study from.  The essay that I thought had the best answer in terms of it being creative and well thought out was Micaela's.  She answered the same prompt that I did, but she answered it in a way that I never would of thought of.  She delved into the two worlds that Huxley writes about and talked about the two misfits, Bernard and John.  She talks about their reactions to each others world and how they hammer in Huxley's point at how different the two worlds are.  It was a great response!

I also found that there are many people that don't want to write the essay until they finish the book.

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