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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


     This first grading period has actually been pretty eye-opening for me.  As soon as Dr. Preston said, "Start your senior masterpiece," with no further explanation I finally realized that we really ARE in control.  There is nothing that is stopping us from going after anything that we set our minds to.  This semester has really shown me that.  Begining the with the King's Speech and ending with all these amazing projects in motion is proof of this senior class's capabilities.

     I currently have a few things in motion that wouldn't be happening if it weren't for this class.  I am currently trying to organize a class trip to Yosemite for my senior project to teach my classmates about the importance of caring for our environment.  I am also working on my application for the Armstrong program which is a scholars program that selects twelve girls to go on a twelve day backpacking trip in the high Sierras.  I also contacted someone to come speak to our class (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to announce who it is yet.) All of these real world experiences wouldn't be happening of it weren't for the encouragement of Dr. Preston and my classmates.

     I'm also apart of a collaborative working group called THE GAME.  As the year progresses, more people will find out what that is.

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