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Friday, January 31, 2014


Since Dr. Preston wasn't present in class today, we have to write this post about what we did during class time.

We began by writing our journals.  Lisa read the journal prompt and agenda to everyone in class.  As people were finishing up their journals, I re-read the wiki on free play and took notes on it for better understanding (turned in with my class notes).

Once everyone was done with their journals,  Daniel and Jake led a discussion on Tale of Two Cities and the whole class took notes.  They mostly elaborated on the plot and pointed out symbols and connections.  Then Allyson and Rachel led the discussion on Great Expectations.  This discussion was rushed because we were running out of class time.  The two girls summarized the rest of the plot line for the people that didn't read the book and got cut off in the middle of their talk about the two different endings that Dickens wrote when the bell rang.

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