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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


       I spent a large portion of the first semester working on my big question.  Why are people afraid to make mistakes when you can learn from them?  I kind of tacked on a new twist to this question.  I want to know how to get more people to try new things outside of their comfort zone which corresponds with my question because most people are afraid to try something new in fear of failing at it and making a fool of themselves.  This semester I would like to use myself and my classmates as guinea  pigs.  The first semester threw a lot of new twists at all of us and some people responded to these changes and new experiences better than others.  I want to figure out what held some people back and why others so easily excelled.

     This semester I would like to continue to do things out of the ordinary that pull us out of our comfort zones in hopes to help us become better prepared for the curve balls that will be thrown at us later in life when we no longer have "each other" to fall back on.  This is the main reason why I became one of the game masters.  Now that we are all seniors, we all want to be ready for the future, but it's scary to think of all the possibilities of different things that we will face each day.  If we can continue to try new things in this class and become adaptable to new experience and change while we still have each other, we will be better prepared for the future when we are off on our own.

       By new experiences I mean: building connections, contacting professionals, creating a voice in our community, and turning ideas into reality through collaborative working groups.


What do I want to know?
I want to know how we can continue incorporate new and  memorable experiences into this English learning environment.

What skills do I want to demonstrate?
I want to demonstrate that it's ok to make mistakes as long as you are learning along the way and taking advantage of every opportunity given to you.

What experience do I want to have under my belt?
Every experience possible.

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