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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tale of Two Cities Lecture Notes

  • Dickens traveled to France and England and was entranced by his surroundings
  • He got caught up in the events happening there
  • Then came "Tale of Two Cities" (France and England)
  • The story came out in chapters or sections in the "Weekly Serial"
  • He wrote it in short spurts so he could adjust the story-line based on the audiences reactions
  • The French Revolution was the influence
  • He wanted to dramatize the French Revolution for theater, but never did.  There were still public readings though
  • He referred to it as the best story he had written
  • Dickens put suspense behind the already known history through his figurative language and really good use of literary devices.
  • Self note: when Williams read the text aloud, the language was amazing
  • Dickens met Thomas Carlisle in 1840 who developed a deep friendship with Dickens
  • Carlisle wrote the "History of the French Revolution" 
  • Dickens turned to Carlisle for assistance in writing "Tale of Two Cities" to make sure that it was historically accurate
  • He also allowed Carlisle to read it as he went
  • Put in his research before he wrote
  • Williams claims that many of the events depicted in the text  have personal representations to Dickens

I decided to type my notes because they aren't very legible in the picture.  I wrote fast to keep up with the speaker.

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