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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Steller Science Expedition!

A lot has happened in the last week!    

1.)  We finally have a name for our group! (see post title)

2.)  Last week Dr. Preston sorted out some final details with the representative from Nature Bridge.  The main topic for discussion was his five year old daughter whom he wanted to join us.  The representatives at Nature Bridge were wonderfully accommodating and welcomed his daughter into the program with kind and outstretched arms.

3.)  I hosted a meeting last week for all of the big-hearted, brave souls that committed to this adventure.  At the meeting I handed out paperwork and BBQ tickets for our first fundraiser!

4.)  On to the fundraisers!  I designed, printed, and cut out over 900 tickets to sell to community members.  There will be a Tri-Tip BBQ at Old Town Market in Old Orcutt on April 19th.  I contacted Pepsi for drink donations and am waiting to hear back from Coca Cola and Frito Lay for more drinks and chips!  I also ordered 200 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to sell on the same day!

5.)  This evening I had a great conversation with Miranda Nillo who has to be in Arizona for a graduation on May 23.  She is willing to fly into Fresno on Saturday morning so that we can pick her up on our way and she won't have to miss out on this experience! ( It's amazing to hear that my classmates will go to such great lengths to be  part of this experience!)

6.)  We have a foreign exchange student from Poland coming with us!

There are so many amazing things happening so quickly!  Stay connected for more updates!

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