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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Life at its best. National Parks. #keen #recess #outdoors

I had a meeting on Tuesday to collect Medical Release Forms and Student  Contracts for my Yosemite Trip.  I now have almost everyone's.  I also handed out the Volunteer Services Agreement.  I talked about our BBQ fundraiser coming up and reminded everyone to keep selling their tickets.  I also organized a Krispy Kreme fundraiser for the same day.  Hopefully April 19th will bring in a lot of funds for the trip!  Another thing that I'm actually pretty proud of is this AWESOME spread sheet I created to keep track of ticket sales, contact info, who has turned in their forms, and who has raised money.  I'm pretty proud of it!

We are currently reading Macbeth which is considered one of Shakespeare's master pieces.  The difference between his work and mine is that he had all day and night dedicated to his endeavor whereas I have many other things on my plate.  Although, I wouldn't say that I need a clear plate to be satisfied with my work because there are periods of waiting as well as periods of a lot of stress.

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