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Friday, April 4, 2014


My masterpiece is the result of this overbearing love and passion that I have for Yosemite National Park that I have kept to myself since I was a little girl.  Now that I have been handed the opportunity to share that passion with people who have never been to the park, it is spewing out of me in every word, thought, and action that I posses.  There's something about being able to share your passion with like-minded people that just makes you feel confident, important, and renewed.  It's like the floodgates in my mind have opened and all of these trapped thoughts and ideas are coming to the surface. The other day I started thinking about ways that Yosemite Valley could run off  of 100% natural energy; AKA wind, water, and solar.  This project has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and has encouraged me to talk to new people, try new things, and test my limits.  So far, the most valuable realization that I've gotten from this experience is that people are kind, and they do want to help you. So don't be afraid to ask for help and build up your connections.  There are thousands of possibilities so don't lose out on them by assuming that they can't be done because they can.


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