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Monday, September 16, 2013

Vocabulary #5

obsequious- adj. obedient, dutiful.
  • The Christian family obsequiously followed God's will.
beatitude- n. extreme blessedness; exhaled happiness.
  • An immense beatitude overtook her as she found out that her family had survived the crash.
bete noire- n. a person or thing that one particularly dislikes or dreads.
  • The flat tire was the bĂȘte noire of my day.
bodev. to be an omen of; to announce beforehand; predict.
  • The news bodes evil days for him.
dank- adj. unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and often chilly.
  • The dank cellar had musty wine smell.
ecumenical- adj. general, universal.
  • The significance of the book of John is ecumenical to the entire Christian faith.
fervid- adj. heated in spirit, enthusiasm.
  • The fervid speaker got everyone on their feet.
fetid- adj. having an offensive odor, stinking.
  • The forgotten carcass on the side of the road filled the air with the fetid odor of death.
gargantuan- adj. gigantic, enormous, colossal.
  • Planning prom was a gargantuan task to take on.
heyday- n. the prime stage of great vigor and success.
  • I wish hat I lived while poodle skirts were in their heyday.
incubus- n. a nightmare.

  • She was awakened by an intense incubus.
infrastructure-n. the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or orginization.

  • The cliff-side road had a very detailed infrastructure to prevent landslides during intense weather.
inveigle- v.  to entice, lure, or ensnare by flattery or artful talk orinducements (usually followed by into)

  • The young woman inveigled the handsome man into buying her dinner.
kudos- n.  honor, glory, acclaim.

  • He received kudos for making the winning basket at the buzzer.
lagniappe- n.  a gratitiuty or tip.

  • The restaurant gave out mints as lagniappes after every dinner to thank their customers for their purchases.
prolix- adj. extended to great, unnecessary, or tedious length; long and wordy.

  • Roxanne's prolix explanation about relativity bored everyone in class.
protege- n. a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someoneinterested in his or her career or welfare.

  • My little soccer protege took directions so well.
prototype- n. the original or model, on which something is based or formed.  

  • The engineers initially built a prototype of their robotic arm to see if it would work.

sycophant- n.  a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

  • The sycophant woman felt that her wealth put her above the common population.
tautology- n. needless repetition of an idea, especially in words other than those of the immediate context, without imparting additional force or clearness, as in “widow woman.” 
  • Our principle speaks with such tautology that it's hard to figure out his point of the conversation.
truckle- v. to submit or yield obsequiously or tamely (usually followed by to  ).

  • Don't truckle to unreasonable demands.

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