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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


        "Well, I'm entitled to my opinion."   On Thurday August 16th we discussed our thoughts on this quote in a Socratic seminar based on a document by Jamie Whyte called "Right to Your Opinion."  According to Whyte, the word opinion is miss used in most circumstances.  In class we discussed the example he uses of a person beginning to cross the street when a car is coming.  Are you obligated to let them cross the street because it's their "opinion" that it's safe?  We discussed how the word opinion is used out of context here because it's more of a fact than an opinion that a car is coming.  We also discussed that people can have a wrong opinion, but you are not obligated to agree with it.  The document ends basically summarizing that most people use this quote when they know that they're wrong and don't want to admit it.  This statement was brought up towards the end of the seminar and everyone in class agreed that the saying,  "well, I'm entitled to my opinion" is primarily used when someone does not want to admit defeat in an argument.

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