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Thursday, November 21, 2013


In the darkness, stay they may;
for the cave is where they live their life
and they know not of the light of day.
To them, their surroundings are rife.

As shadows dance across the cave wall
the prisoners sit in muteness,
for them the cave is all;
a flicker of light, shadows, shackles, and darkness.

What will happen if one is set free?
In a new light they are sure to be enlightened,
but how can this be?
With in open-mind their future is brightened.

An open-mind frees the soul
for acquired intelligence takes no toll.


  1. Very very good sonnet. From opening line to the couplet it's amazing. This is one of my favorites I have read. The words you choice to rhyme are in the second stanza are creative ("muteness")

  2. My overall favorite part: "a flicker of light, shadows, shackles, and darkness." That sums up the setting beautifully! Also, great use of rhetorical questions to the audience to cause them to think.
    In addition, I have always loved the nature look to your blog. The landscape background is so picturesque, and you have a quote from the wonderful movie of Up! How are you planning to complete the presentation for the final in this class? Oh, and you probably already have, but check out my blog here.

  3. Your picture on here of you is SO CUTE. Had to say that first.
    This has great descriptive language, follows the Shakespearean theme, and follows the commentary Plato was intending to make about an open mind. And then of course the obvious first reference to the cave, which can even be construed here as more than just a cave to you.

  4. Your sonnet is really good! It flows well and has interesting "syntax and diction". The imagery of your sonnet is nice too :)

  5. Hey Melissa! So I've had you for a few classes but we have never really spoken. I thought I'd give your blog a visit. It's very relaxing and I absolutely love the design and theme you have going on.

    As far as the sonnet is concerned, I love the way you approached the assignment. You didn't just describe the Allegory of the Cave, you added meaning to it. I love the imagery you created with your excellent word choice. As far as the structure for the Shakespearean sonnet,you nailed it down nicely :) good job. I love the last line, "for acquired intelligence takes no toll"

  6. Wow yours is really great!! I love the words you chose to use and they way it flows. You blog is brilliant and represents you so well. Very natural and calming to look at.

  7. Melissa, I love the words you chose to rhyme with. That's the most difficult part. I enjoyed the imagery of your sonnet. Overall good job!
    Your blog is very calming and has a soft touch. Really represents you well. What's your strategy for the vocabulary final?

  8. Your ending of your sonnet was the best part! Open minds do free the soul! Great job!

    Your blog is great! Your background picture is great! How will you be studying for the final? Let me know!

  9. Nice sonnet Melissa! It captures Plato's ideas really well! I liked your use of questions in the sonnet. It was something unique that I didn't really see in other peoples' sonnets!
    I really love your blog! As a fellow outdoor/nature lover your blog makes me happy! It's a great theme and you always have all of the required posts! Good job! How do you plan to use your blog to study for the final? Check out my blog here !

  10. Nice job Melissa! You can tell you have a clear understanding of the allegory of the cave and i thorougly enjoyed reading your sonnet!
    Happy to be your 10th comment!
    Your blog is also super is so you!

  11. Your profile picture is so beautiful! I love your background, it's very refreshing and positive.
    Your sonnet is very thorough and precise. It captures the essence of what the Allegory of the Cave is really about. "An open mind frees the soul." Absolutely beautiful.
    What's your essay writing strategy? How do you execute this strategy?